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meet those who have come alongside us as we serve the vulnerable in our community.

IMN Dental Team

The IMN Dental Team is a group of Guatemalan dentists led by dentist and pastor Dennis Ruano. They go into remote villages to share the gospel and provide pro bono services to villagers who would otherwise never receive even the most basic dental attention.

The team will be helping us to plan and manage the dental clinic on campus that will provide low-cost dental care to the local community and simultaneously give our young people a chance to train as dental assistants. 

Redeemed Steel

Redeemed Steel is made up of craftspeople of all sorts – metalworkers, woodworkers, leatherworkers, and much more who use their talents to share the Good News all over the world.

Redeemed Steel will be founding the bladesmith trade school on Casa de Gracias campus, equipping our young men and women not only with bladesmithing skills but more importantly connecting the work they do with their hands with the work Jesus is doing in their lives.

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