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Coffee Thoughts: Doing It Right The First Time…

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The other day I was doing some basic household chores. I came across something that didn’t get done right and I found myself in the mental battle of "just ignore it or leave it 'til later when I feel like I have time to deal with it, even though it is going to cause problems every day until I fix it" OR "take the time now to re-do it so that it’s working properly and not causing unnecessary ongoing problems."

So I took the time to do it…the right way…so that in this small thing, done the right way, we could be enjoying our home more peacefully.

As I was grumbling as I worked through the "fixing" process I was reminded again about the importance of doing things right the first time…whenever possible! And all the reasons why.

And all the ramifications when we don’t.

And all the ways this applies to life.

Especially in the context of Home.

Do the basic household chores right so things function and flow peacefully in our lives or in our homes on the daily.

Build your home well, don’t take short cuts or skip important steps or it won’t hold up over the seasons and storms that come. Wear and tear of time is inevitable. Storms are inevitable. Build it well on a firm foundation!

Build your family on Biblical foundations! Choose your spouse carefully. That starts with choosing who you will date. These seemingly small decisions lead to a hugely important decision. Choose well. Keep your home a place that honors God in what happens there. Build your home and family on the foundation of Christ!

Does "doing it right the first time" always happen? No. We are human. We strive to do the best we can. And when we know to do better.

Does "doing it right the first time" solve everything or mean that we won’t have problems? No. Back to the "storms will come" & the wear and tear of life is inevitable. We will absolutely have problems. But that’s the point.

Build your home well. Build it on the foundations of Christ. And He will be with us in the navigating of the storm. He will give us wisdom. He will be with us and guide us in all the big and small inner workings of our homes…

Household maintenance ~ Place of peace

House under construction ~ Build it well!

Home under construction ~ Family that honors the Lord 🤍

"But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner." – 1 Corinthians 14:40

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