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Currently at Casa de Gracia…what's happening these days?

We have loved watching Phase 2 progress to a finished product! Each time we visit the site and see new progress, we are crazy excited and super encouraged by seeing what God is doing!

Watching a Dream take shape is something truly difficult to find words for!

Now we are super anxious to see Phase 3 take shape! What does this next phase include?

-Excavation and grading of the entire property

-Preparing the foundations for all the buildings!

-Laying all drainage for water & sewage

-Drilling the well

-All electric lines put in place

-Barbed wire installed , this will be about 2-3 feet of electrified wire along the top of the entire perimeter security wall.

The Good News- God has fully funded this next phase and we are rejoicing in this!! 🙌🏼

The Bad News- We are still waiting on the Permits we need to be able to get started 😏

This next step is a really big one has required

A LOT of a crazy amount. Byron , our architect and site manager, has been working diligently on all of this along with Edwin and Rich. While we are anxious to hear that we can get started on excavation, we trust God's timing. Pray with us for patience and perseverance in this part of the process!

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