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Did You Know…Casa de Gracia will have an on-site Trade School?

Updated: May 13

The trade school is being funded by our US-based ministry partner, Redeemed Steel. They have already raised the majority of the funds needed to build this trade school! This means that as soon as the infrastructure work is done, this will be one of the first buildings built with the Transition Home!

Redeemed Steel is a group of expert blacksmiths and tradesmen/women who have a heart for serving the Lord and sharing the knowledge of their skills and their faith. They use their skills at knife forging, wood working and leather working to create beautiful and unique knives. They share the Gospel in a powerful way as they forge useless pieces of metal into precious pieces of artwork in the form of knives and swords.

They have volunteered to build the first of multiple planned international trade schools on our property. They will fill the building with high-end equipment, then they will send regular teams of experts to come and train/mentor students (primarily young men). Some of these trainings include a 6 week welding certification program!

You may be wondering; Why is this important?

How does this fit with a transition home for girls?

Here's Why...the Casa de Gracia transition home will be for girls only; but the on-site program, called Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo (roughly translated 'those behind me, I bring them with me') will include a Day Program for guys!

These guys aging out of orphanages and homes at 18 are also very vulnerable and at-risk.

They desperately need strong and healthy community that includes biblical discipleship and mentoring in both life skills and job skills!

Last Fall, many of the Redeemed Steel team came down to Guatemala to offer 3 different forging events. As they forge the useless pieces of metal into beautiful knives, they share the Gospel in powerful ways. Many lives are reached and transformed by the Gospel through their message as they forge these works of art!

When the Redeemed Steel team came to the

Casa de Gracia site, there were tears of joy and prayers of dedication as we are ALL anxiously longing for this trade school to open and begin impacting lives!

We are so excited for this opportunity to partner with this high quality, likeminded ministry.

Thank You, Billy Salyers and the entire

Redeemed Steel team!!

🔪🔥Let the adventures begin!!

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