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Meet the Logo!

Check out this incredible logo!!

We absolutely love it and we would like to share a little about how it came to be and the heart behind it.

Some of the most beautiful gifts that God blesses us with are relationships...relationships that encourage us! Those that come alongside and walk with us as we seek to walk in obedience to God’s plans and purposes for us. Those that love us enough to understand when God puts a dream or burden in our hearts and encourage us along in the process however possible.

Today we want to focus on a few of those walking alongside us in this adventure that God has called our family to as we pursue this dream that God placed in our son, Edwin’s heart.

A special friend of our family has been so genuinely excited for us every step of the way. One day she said to us, “Guys I’m so excited about what God is doing here and I want to make a specific donation. I want to help you with the logo.” Obviously, we were very grateful and excited!

She reached out to another special friend of our family who is a talented graphic designer.

Together they worked out the details and made an amazing donation to this beautiful dream that God is bringing to life.

Here it is {in English & Spanish} with the thought and heart behind the design:

The window: we see from inside the house into the future, giving a sense of security and hope.

The sun: reflects the hope of a new dawn, a new beginning!

A roof or a volcano: encompasses what Casa de Gracia is and where it is located at the foot of the Volcan Agua.

So much love and thought went into this simple yet powerful design. We feel honored and humbled. And we truly love it!

Huge thank you to Ana Isabel Lopez Garcia for her talent and her heart! May God bless, use and multiply this work to touch & impact many lives for eternity.

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