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Of Phases, Facades, and Funds

When we talk about the current phase of construction, the front facade, maybe you’ve wondered, "What exactly does that mean, why is that its own phase, what’s the big deal??" Many have also asked, “How soon are you hoping to have everything up and running?”

Well, we wanted to take a few minutes to explain a little better and fill in a few more details that will hopefully answer these questions. First of all, the pace of the construction process is dictated by and hinging upon funds coming in (and their timing), and the seasons (we have two . . . rainy & dry).

As most of you know, the land and taxes are paid in full!

Phase One of construction was the security perimeter wall around the almost 3 acres of land. This was a big project and not cheap (because security and doing things right matter a lot to us! This has also been paid in full!

That led us to Phase Two, construction of the front facade of the property (which is also the final portion of the perimeter wall). There are several reasons why we chose to work on the facade next.

First, it was the only phase that could be worked on during this current rainy season. Second, it is also fully funded making it the perfect next step in the process! Third, it is load-bearing, since it will include the guard station, as well as being the front wall of the dental and medical clinics and the trade school. This means it needed its own specific design. The hope is to be finished with all the construction of buildings within 2 years so that we can get on to the more exciting work of lives under construction!

For that we will need to stay on track with this basic timeline:

November 2023 – Finish Phase Two: Facade -The Cover of the Book - (Funded!) December 2023 (Depending on Funding) Phase Three: Excavation and Infrastructure (this has to be done during the 6 months of dry season!) This is estimated to cost about $175,000 and take about about 6 months.

May 2024 (Depending on Funding)Phase Four: Construction of houses, clinics and buildings will begin as soon as the infrastructure is done!

Please join us in praying for the funds we will need as we move through this process! God has been so faithful in every step thus far and we are excited to see what he will do.

Meanwhile, please enjoy some of these renderings of the design of the facade from our architect, Byron Chali.

We hope you will find all of this helpful, and find these images as exciting as we do! Thank You for being in this with us, we thank God for each of you!

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Beth Herr
Beth Herr
04 sept. 2023

❤️ praying for funding

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