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Thrilled to Announce 📣… Phase 2 is Finished ✔️

We want to take this opportunity to say from the depths of our hearts THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of the process up to this point!

Every dollar donated by every person has added up to get us to where we are today.

Byron our architect, Ana Isabel our logo designer, our prayer and advisory team, our board of directors, legal advisors... God has surrounded us with His people and He is building this house through each of them!

All we can say about all of this is WOW!

God is amazing in the way He works and the way He keeps His work moving forward!

Bullet Round on Casa de Gracia Current Status

  • Property is completely walled in

  • Front Facade phase is done and it looks Fantastic

  • The Logo is up on the wall of the guard station tower!

  • Next Phase, the excavation & infrastructure is Fully Funded!!

  • Waiting (a bit impatiently 😅) on permits

to be granted to begin Phase 3

  • Our team is working hard each week putting together the programs (discipleship, mentoring & equipping through trade skills, education)

  • Our Guatemalan board of directors has been formed and the legal non profit entity has been granted! WE ARE OFFICIAL 🙌🏼

The sense of urgency we feel to complete construction of this Transition Home for girls aging out of orphanages/ systems of protection continues growing as we learn about young people in need around us regularly.

We cannot wait to open our doors to the girls that God will bring to live at Casa de Gracia. These young people are incredibly vulnerable and their realities are bleak. We long to show them the love of a Father who created them with a purpose and sent His Son, Jesus, to save them and give them a hope and a future!

And now...On to Phase 3 🥳

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