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URGENT: Let's Get Started on Phase 2!!

Our founders Rich and Cherry Smith explain a little about the why behind Casa de Gracia and update you on where they're at: almost done with Phase 1: Outer Wall and looking forward to Phase 2: Infrastructure (excavation, power, plumbing, etc.).

Casa de Gracia urgently needs your help to fund this phase so we can get it done before rainy season begins in June. With so many kids on the street every day, we are filled with a sense of urgency to complete Phase 2 as soon as possible. If we do, it will set us up to begin Phase 3 on time – and once Phase 3 is done, building our house and the transition home, we will be able to move on campus and start welcoming girls into their safe haven!!

We covet your continued prayers for this project, and ask that you would prayerfully share this with your friends, family, church, and anyone you think would be interested. If you'd like to be a part of this project financially, click here!

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