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The Logo is Up!!

And it looks incredible!

This installation is one of the final touches before the completion of Phase 2: The Front Facade!

This logo represents Casa de Gracia so well and to see it up on the front entrance is such a tangible reminder that God is at work and moving MIGHTILY to make what was once a dream become a reality. For those of you who are new here, did you know what our logo means to us?

• The window represents seeing from inside the transition home into the future, giving a sense of security and hope. 🪟

•The sun reflects the hope of a new dawn, a new beginning! ☀️

• A roof or a volcano encompasses what

Casa de Gracia is and where it is located at the foot of the Volcan Agua. 🌋 🏠

Thank you, again @anaisabel02_for capturing our vision and prayer for Casa de Gracia so well!

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